Identify The Hidden Skills Inside You. “Motivational Story”.

Identify The Hidden Skills Inside You. Motivational Story

Identify The Hidden Skills Inside You. ” Motivational Story “.

In order to advance society, every person should recognize the hidden skills within him. If any society moves forward, then the citizens of that society are behind it. The most important role in advancing society is the citizens of that society.

And he will be able to move forward when the people of that society will understand the skills inside them, will not help each other in his work nor will he be jealous of his work. So friends, read such a Motivational Story and give your important support in developing our society-

This story is about a person born in a small village in a poor family. His name is Lakhan. There was so much struggle in Lakhan’s life that he could barely do his schooling till the eighth grade. After passing the eighth examination, he decided to go to the city. Lakhan went to the city to find a job.

Once he read about a job offer in the newspaper. That job was not very big but from her point of view, she liked that job. Lakhan thought very carefully and then fearfully gave an application for that job. Lakhan reached that office’s address from that newspaper. On reaching there, he saw that there was a very long line for jobs there.

Identify The Hidden Skills Inside You. ” Motivational Story “.

After some time his interview number came. The interviewer asked a lot of questions to Lakhan. One of them interviewed Lakhan asked if you had an e-mail ID. Lakhan was a resident of the village. He did not know what an email ID is. Then Lakhan told that interviewer that I do not have an email id.

Then what was to happen after that, that interviewer told Lakhan that you do not know the email id. In today’s technology and modern times, you do not know what an email ID is. After this, he was removed from the job.

After this, Lakhan walked a little bit away from that office and then he started counting the money kept in his pocket. He had a total of 300 rupees. He deliberated for a while and then bought his 300 rupees mangoes from the market there and sold them in the streets till evening. When he counted the money he earned from those mangoes sold at night, he was 400 rupees. He was very happy and then thought that now he will sell fruits every day.

Identify The Hidden Skills Inside You. ” Motivational Story “.

The next day he again bought mangoes with that money and set out to sell them again. He then got the benefit. Now Lakhan buys and sells mangoes every day and now within a few days, he bought a small shop in Mandi himself and started selling mangoes as well as other fruits. He converted that small shop into a big shop with his hard work and dedication.

Now he has a shop of 7-8 in a few years. When he went back to his village, he told his friends and people there that he does a business of selling fruits in the city. He also suggested the people of those villages go to the city and work with them. They also went to the city with Lakhan and started working in his shop.

Gradually, those people also started benefiting and they opened their own fruit or vegetable shop in the nearby city. Now every person in that village had become rich and that village had become very developed. Now Lakhan had become a very big businessman and the whole country was watching his success. When the media came to know this, Lakhan had studied only till the eighth standard and he was from a poor family in the village. Now that he has become a big businessman, he reached Lakhan to find out about the secret of his success.

The media persons came to him from different channels. One day a reporter came to interview him. He posed a lot of questions to Lakhan, how he struggled with Lakhan, how he opened a shop and how he grew his business. She asked Lakhan many such questions ??

In the last, he asked Lakhan that if you have an e-mail ID, then give it to us ??

We will send the video of this interview to your email.

If that reporter asked this question, then Lakhan, who had become a businessman now. He replied that no, I do not have an email ID. The reporter who came to interview Lakhan when he did not listen to Lakhan’s mouth asked Lakhan that you are such a big businessman but you do not know about the email id. After this, Lakhan gave a good answer that if I had an email ID, I would not have been such a big fruit merchant today, that is the secret of his success.

Friends, this little story teaches us that everyone has some talent in this life. There is a delay in understanding that skill. Friends, stop copying others and recognize your inner talent.

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